Oregon Coast Trail Hikes

About Us

What we offer is specific- unforgettable hiking and camping vacations- but our broad focus allows each hiker to experience nature in their own unique way. Our tour offers an experience for anyone who shares a passion for solitude in nature, beautiful scenic views, and most importantly a stress-free relaxing weekend getaway. Our base camp weekend vacation covers all the basics such as guided hikes, meals, transportation, activities, and basic camping gear. Our tour is structured to allow unique experiences for each guest. If you enjoy bird watching, bring your binoculars. If you enjoy photography, bring your camera.

Northern Tour

Our Northern Tour of the Oregon Coast Trail starts in Manzanita and ends in Netarts. Base camp is at Barview Jetty Campground, which has running water, toilets and showers. Day one starts in Manzanita and ends with hiking into base camp. Day two begins at Cape Meares and ends in Netarts. The total mileage for our Northern Tour is 18 miles, 11 the first day and 7 the second. Most of this tour is on the beach and a boat ride is included across the Nehalem Bay. Our Pick-up/Drop-off location for this tour is the Regal Lloyd Center 10’s parking lot in Portland. Pick-up is at 9:00 am and drop off is at 5:00pm.

What’s Included

Whats Included OCTH provides and all-inclusive experience. Our knowledgeable hiking guide will hike a 30 minute mile pace to provide a stable pace for our guests. OCTH cooks each meal, packs your lunch, sets-up camp, and cleans! Two hikers will share a room in a four room tent. All tents, cooking equipment, camping chairs, campsite items will be provided. OCTH will transport hikers throughout the tour. Hikers are responsible for their own transportation to and from our pick-up/drop-off site. OCTH will transport all over-night bags for guests to ensure no weighted hiking. OCTH provides funds for the boat ride across the bay and a donation to the non-profit portion of the hiking tour. OCTH will pay for our guests to have a pint at a local coastal brewery.

What’s not Included

Hikers are responsible for an overnight bag with clothes and toiletries, a sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping pad, good hiking shoes, a refillable water bottle, a small day pack. Please do not bring excess items as we won’t have room and remember it’s one night. Please don’t bring an air mattress or non-storable sleeping pad. Please don’t bring your own tent, camping chair or other camping equipment. If you care to bring beer or wine to enjoy while hiking or with meals, we will transport these items for you.

2018 Menu

Day 1

  • Breakfast– Banana nut bread, coffee, fruit.
  • Lunch– Chicken wrap, veggies, apple, no bake cookie.
  • Dinner– Beef Bourguignon over mashed potato, green salad, shrimp cocktail, chocolate mousse.
  • Late night– Caprese, meat and cheese sticks, s’mores.

Day 2

  • Breakfast– Challah bread french toast, berry compote, turkey sausage, fruit, coffee and juice.
  • Lunch– Grilled ham and Gruyere sandwich, tomato basil soup.