Oregon Coast Trail Hikes

I think back to the recent past of my early 20’s and reflect on how I had no clue of what I really wanted to do with my life, and what truly makes me happy. Did I want to work in an office and work the typical 9-5 lifestyle, no thats for sure. Did I want a high stress job that I would eventually end up hating, no. What was my next step in finding happiness, I had no idea.

As I pondered thoughts of how to balance happiness and success, my next question was how do I achieve my own success which will lead to my happiness.? It took time and life experiences to clearly see what type of lifestyle provided me with the balanced equation of happiness and success. Believing and empowering yourself to reach your goals is a battle. There are so many people who say no, or don’t think you can achieve your goals. Staying determined and focus on my goals, the universe revealed the opportunity to coach high school athletics.

While tending bar, I poured Coors Light day in and day out; while providing enough forgettable communication necessary to get a decent tip. Who knew that my obsolete communication would be the gateway to a life of happiness. It was on a dark rainy afternoon I got the tip of a lifetime. I was asked to coach the pole vault at a high school during the up coming track season. The pole vault was my main event in high school and was the only reason I was able to attended college. Distilled in my memory are moments of high school track and cross country; having everyone surround the pole vault runway providing the encouraging slow clap to hype me up while competing. As my first season begun, it became clear to me that I now could provide those unforgettable happy memories for my athletes.

After completing my first season as the pole vault coach, I was approached to coach cross country. I accepted the head cross country coaching position and then everything took off. The cross country team always goes on the annual running/camping trip. I decided that my first year of hosting this camping trip would be in Eastern Oregon. Atop the Blue Mountain range, we ran and trained for 5 days, while eating delicious healthy meals that I prepared. To see the smiles upon these athletes faces while running the forest trails, and the laughter around the campfire; it was the best week I’ve had since high school.

I became infatuated with this annual camping trip. Where could we go to train and have a blast of a week next? The following summer our trip landed at the souther Oregon Coast. While researching the area of Port Orford, I was exposed to the Oregon Coast Trail. That year at camp we ran up and down this trail. As usual, camp was the highlight of the season that no one will ever forget. After the season passed, my thoughts kept going back to our camping trip. I kept thinking of how could I expose everyone to the memorable experience that cross country camp provides. It came to me one night while cooking dinner. Instead of running we would hike. Lets hike and camp! By being exposed to the Oregon Coast Trail and the peace that nature provides, I knew it was the prefect vessel to create a memorable experience for everyone. As my research continued, I came up with my business plan for Oregon Coast Trail Hikes.

Oregon Coast Trail Hikes would be and all-inclusive experience based off of cross country camp. By providing all the planning, transportation, meals and equipment, my guests will be able to experience a relaxing stress free raw encounter with nature. Experiencing and making unforgettable memories creates happiness for everyone. This happiness I’ve found is one I hope to share with you.